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Terms and Conditions

I - General 

I.I This pricing is valid for 60 days.

I.IIWhere applicable Inspired Dwellings reserves the right to employ sub-contractors.

I.III Any instruction to proceed with or any payment received for all or part of these works, unless stated otherwise, will be taken by Inspired Dwellings as acceptance of the terms outlined in this contract and approval of the full proposal.  

II - Payment Terms

II.I - The labour time allowed in this proposal is an estimate. We will invoice labour hours monthly in arrears based on time incurred. Any work carried out in addition to the estimate will be charged pro rata at the rates applicable to the service provided. 

II.II  Service visits and small works - unless otherwise agreed, will be subject to a fee - these entail:


- All Hardware and Design, PM & Pre-Build Labour - Deposit payment payable on appointment and prior to works commencing.

- Balance of labour on completion of each stage of works. 

II.III - If Project works last over 3 months - unless otherwise agreed will be subject to an additional payment of:

            20% - Deposit payment on total value of proposal.


Deposit payable on appointment and prior to release of design drawings. 

Labour time allowed in this proposal in an estimate. We will invoice labour hours monthly in arrears based on time incurred. 

 Any work carried out in addition to the estimate will be charged pro rata at the rates applicable to the service provided.


`            Equipment 

30% - First & Second fix, payable prior to delivery of first fix cable to site. 

45% - Off site rack build, payable 8 weeks prior to equipment being required in workshop for off-site rack assembly.

5% - Completion, payable following handover.

II.IV Any variations to the contract will be billed along with the next phased payment unless otherwise agreed.

III.V All payments must be received within 7 days of invoice to avoid disruption to the project, or as per terms stated on the invoice. Inspired Dwellings cannot be held liable for any delays to the project due to late payment.

III.VIWe assume a standard project duration of 9 months from appointment, unless agreed otherwise. Should the project exceed the agreed timeframe, Inspired Dwellings reserves the right to revise labour estimate and product pricing in addition to a charge of up to £500.00 per month (ex. VAT) preliminary retention to cover ongoing costs of administering the project.

III.VIIInspired Dwellings will recharge Travel, Parking and Subsistence at cost.

III.VIIIAll prices stated in this estimate are exclusive of VAT. 

III - Warranty 

III.I - Inspired Dwellings will warranty defects in its installation works for a period of 9 months following practical completion of our works. 

This 9-month period will be the fault liability period and will cover any faults to the installation works which Inspired Dwellings carried out as part of it's works. 

The defects liability period will be offered with the following conditions:

 All hardware warranties offered by manufactures as per the manufacturer’s standard terms and the duration of such warranties are based on the date of purchase by Inspired Dwellings. 

 Inspired Dwellings shall not be liable for the costs of any work, repairs or replacement of equipment which result from fire, power surge, storm, flood, accident, neglect, misuse or malicious damage. 

Inspired Dwellings  will not provide warranties on hardware we have not supplied, any associated issues resulting from client supported hardware may result in additional cost. 

Inspired Dwellings  does not maintain that the operation of CCTV and Security Systems will be uninterrupted or error free. Inspired Dwellings accepts no liability or support for 3rd party security systems that are connected in any way to an Inspired Dwellings system. Inspired Dwellings accepts no liability for loss or damage which may arise from any malfunction or defect of the system. 

 Inspired Dwellings will not provide warranties on hardware that has been operating in locations with an ambient room temperature above 23°C as this can cause damage to key hardware components and/or shorten lifespan of hardware.

During the defects period, Inspired Dwellings reserve the right to charge at our standard service rates any works that are deemed to be extras, changes or new requests that fall outside of any defect. 

On-going service and maintenance is available by subscription to one of our support packages. 

Further details are available on our website. 

IV - Remote Access & Data

IV.I - It is the client’s responsibility to ensure their data systems are kept secure from unauthorised external access. 

IV.IIIn order to carry out remote support, updates, monitoring and maintenance of the installed system, Inspired Dwellings may enable remote access to the systems installed as well as 3rd party hardware connected to the data network.  Remote access is enabled by default however you may opt out at any time by letting us know. 

IV.IIIInspired Dwellings is not responsible for any sensitive or confidential information disclosed to us by the customer or the customer's data systems. 

IV.IVWe may contact you from time to time to advise on other goods and services which we think may be of interest. You (the client) may unsubscribe form any of these communications by contacting us or directly unsubscribing from the email.  

V - Standard Scope and Exclusions 

Unless otherwise stated in the proposal, the following standard scope and exclusions shall apply. 

V.I - Design. The initial AV Design issued by Inspired Dwellings (REV A) will include a full set of layout drawings, including an AV Rack design and cable schematics, as well as a full AV cable schedule for the project. The drawings provided will be indicative layouts only. Setting out and any coordination will be the client’s responsibility. We will provide guideline documentation for the setting out of AV equipment in rooms. Any design works carried out beyond the amount specified in the estimate will be charged at standard rates applicable at the time of revision.

V.II - First Fix. All First Fix AV Cable will be run by the electrical contractor according to a detailed design and cable schedule by Inspired Dwellings. The cost for this work has not been included in this proposal. Once installed the cable will be terminated and tested by Inspired Dwellings. Modules will be supplied by Inspired Dwellings and will be installed in standard white plastic wall plates. All standard back boxes will be supplied by the contractor. Inspired Dwellings assumes that first fix works include but are not limited to; installation of all first fix cabling, installation and supply of standard back boxes, installation of non-standard back boxes, cutting out of speaker holes both in wall and in ceiling, containment and setting out of cabling as per Inspired Dwellings design & labelling of all cables to the documentation provided by Inspired Dwellings.

V.III - Lighting Control Systems Design. If a lighting control system is required, all information regarding specific drivers or transformers for lighting circuits will be provided to Inspired Dwellings by the building contractor, lighting designer or client no later than six weeks before the due date for completion of the design package, preferably in spread sheet format. Inspired Dwellings is not responsible for sourcing this information. 

V.IVLighting Control Systems Installation. The electrical contractor is responsible for determining and installing the correct cabling to each light fitting to correlate with the drivers specified and their positions, whether local or remote. Inspired Dwellings will supply DIN rail enclosures to house the lighting control equipment. The panels are delivered with the control hardware (dimmers and relays etc.) pre-installed and labelled to match an accompanying connection schedule. A spare DIN rail is available within the panel to house RCBOs or other protective devices. Unless stated otherwise in the proposal all RCBOs or other protective devices are to be supplied and installed by others. All mains voltage wiring and connections are to be carried out by the electrical contractor, including wiring and connections within lighting panels. 0-10v dimming wiring and connections, or similar circuit control wiring (e.g. DALI, DMX, DSI) are also to be carried out by the electrical contractor. Circuit connections are to be made according to the connection schedule provided by Inspired Dwellings . Once the mains voltage and control connections are complete and the panels should be energised and each circuit tested by the electrical contractor to ensure conformity to the connection schedule. Inspired Dwellings will then complete the control BUS cabling (blue wire) and/or network connections, install the control processor and test the operation of the system. Inspired Dwellings reserves the right to charge for any extra time taken to configure the lighting control system due to the issued Inspired Dwellings schedules not being followed. With regard to scene-setting for lighting Control systems, Inspired Dwellings will allow a single visit during office hours at a mutually agreed time within 2 months of project completion to configure lighting scenes. Any further visits will be recharged at standard rates.

V.VGeneral exclusions. Unless specifically stated, this proposal does not provide:

- Supply of Utilities like Broadband Internet or TV services (BT, Virgin, Sky etc) or the administration of the client’s utility accounts.
Cabling provisions for all utility services eg phone lines are to be supplied and installed by others.
Disposal of waste, for example equipment packaging.
Builders' works necessary for enabling the Inspired Dwellings installation, for example reinforcing of walls to support TV brackets, or as necessary resulting from the works, for example making good or decoration. 
Access equipment, for example scaffolding or elevated working platforms necessary to provide safe working access to the location where equipment is to be installed.
Storage of client equipment if held at our premises due to project delays or other matters beyond our control. 

VI - Injury, Damage and Insurance 

VI.I - Liability of Inspired Dwellings - personal injury or death. Inspired Dwellings shall be liable for, and shall indemnify the client, against any expense, liability, loss, claim or proceedings whatsoever in respect of personal injury to or death of any person, arising out of or in the course of or caused by the carrying out of the Works, except to the extent that the same is due to any act or neglect of the Employer or of any person for whom the client is responsible.

VI.II - Liability of Inspired Dwellings - injury or damage to property. Inspired Dwellings is responsible for and agrees to indemnify the client against any expenses, liabilities, losses, claims, or legal proceedings related to damage, injury, or loss to any property, real or personal. This liability extends to instances where such harm occurs during the execution of the construction works and is a result of negligence, breach of statutory duty, omission or default by the contractor or an individuals employed or engaged by the client for the works or any associated components thereof. 

VI.III - Inspired Dwellings Insurance of his liability. Without prejudice to his obligation to indemnify the client under clauses VI.I and VI.II Inspired Dwellings shall take out and maintain (and shall cause any sub-contractor similarly to take out and maintain) insurance in respect of claims arising out of his liability referred to in clauses VI.I and VI.II which:

In respect of claims for personal injury to or the death of any employee of the Inspired Dwellings arising out of and in the course of such person’s employment, shall comply with all relevant legislation.
 For all other claims to which clause VI.III applies, shall indemnify the client in like manner to Inspired Dwellings, but only to the extent that Inspired Dwellings may be liable to indemnify the Employer under these terms & conditions and shall be limited in a sum not less than £5,000,000 any one occurrence or series of occurrences arising out of one event.

VI.IVInsurance of the Works by Contractor.
- Inspired Dwellings shall take out and maintain a Policy for All Risks Insurance for the full reinstatement value of the Works and shall maintain such Policy up to and including the date of issue of the practical completion certificate or, if earlier, the date of termination of Inspired Dwellings employment (whether or not the validity of that termination is contested).

- After any inspection required by the insurers in respect of a claim under the insurance has been completed, Inspired Dwellings shall with due diligence restore the damaged work, replace or repair any lost or damaged Site Materials, remove and dispose of any debris and proceed with the carrying out and completion of the Works.

- Inspired Dwellings shall authorise the Insurers to pay all monies from such insurance to the client and the client may retain from monies paid by the insurers the amount properly incurred by the client in respect of professional fees up to an amount which shall not exceed the amount of the percentage additional cover for those fees or (if less) the amount paid by insurers in respect of those fees.

- In respect of restoration, replacement or repair of such loss or damage and (when required) the removal and disposal of debris, Inspired Dwellings shall not be entitled to any payment other than amounts received under the insurance referred to in clause 11.4.a (less only the amount stated in clause 11.4.b) and such amounts shall be paid to the Contractor under certificates of the Architect/Contract Administrator

VI.VI - Insurance of existing structures by Employer in own name. The client shall, if they have not already done so, take out and maintain a policy in respect of the existing structures together with the contents thereof owned by them or for which they are responsible, for the full cost of reinstatement, repair or replacement of loss or damage due to any cause the date of issue of the practical completion certificate or (if earlier) the date of termination of Inspired Dwellings employment (whether or not the validity of that termination is contested). The client shall, if they have not already done so, notify their current Building Insurer of the proposed works.