December Newsletter 

05.01.24 10:44:31 By Arabella


Have a look at this impressive Cinema space Inspired Dwellings worked on recently. If you had a home cinema or media room, what would be the first Christmas film you would watch on it ?

I would watch Home Alone... imagine this movie was made in 2023, what would Kevin do? If I were Kevin in 2023, I would use Lutron Circadian lighting to open and close the blinds to make it appear as if the house was occupied and adjust lighting brightness throughout the day. I would then programme various light scenes onto a keypad under titles like, party scene (which would initiate music all around the house, and a disco light) and mood lighting (which would initiate a fire in the fireplace and the lighting to change throughout the house). 

What 3 things are taking our interest in the world of technology?

The Sphere in Las Vegas 

Revolutionizing live entertainment, a cutting-edge medium empowers top artists, creators, and technologists to craft extraordinary experiences, elevating storytelling and transporting audiences to real and imagined worlds.

Photo: Rich Fury
Photo: Rich Fury

This billboard type establishment ''boasts 16k resolution LED panels that wrap around it's orb-like exoskeleton, flashing visuals'' -  Architectural Digest

Lutron Palladiom & Zentium Pro - Polar Bear Design 

The Zentium Pro Thermostat is a dual zone thermostat that allows control over heating and cooling via its simple digital crown. The thermostat can be stand alone or combine with intelligent lighting control keypads such as the Lutron Palladiom or Crestron Horizon. The product from Polar Bear, leverages from years of experience working with Building Management Systems (BMS) and lighting control systems.

Alpine Chalet

Have a look at this wonderfully Christmassy chalet we had the privilege of working on a couple of years ago. This incredible chalet has had various sound systems installed and integrated home controls. For more photos have a look at the portfolio