CEDIA Inspiration Gallery 

14.12.23 11:57 AM By Arabella

Luxury Kent Home

As a developer, the homeowner already had a clear appreciation of the potential of smart technology. He had two opposing performance requirements; to create an “entertainment hub” for family and friends and an intimate, secure home for when he was alone.

All systems within the 15,000 sq. ft new build, set in the Kent countryside, have been integrated through a Crestron control system. This allows all AV, HVAC, shading, access, and security to be controlled easily through Crestron keypads, remotes, and mobile app; facilitating management of this extensive property.

TVs have been discreetly “hidden” across the house, including mirror TVs in the bar/drawing room, a unit in the music room, revealed via automated panels, and one in a hidden lift at the base of the master bed. A dedicated 14-seat cinema fulfils the owner’s passion for film and sport and features seat rumblers, which allows the occupant to “feel” the screen action. As a safety feature, when a film is paused, the step lighting automatically turns on to allow movement around the room.

Privacy is enabled through lighting and blind control, while instant window frosting can be applied at the touch of a button. There is even a custom “deer patrol” feature which automatically plays a barking dog sound if an animal enters the vegetable patch. 

As security was high on the agenda, key sub systems have been integrated including double entry gates, video entry and CCTV, with motion detection and line-cross features. 

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