November Newsletter

05.01.24 10:29:56 By Arabella


Current affairs in the world of smart home technology... The team at Inspired Dwellings have deliberated and our top 3 are:

LG OLED Digital Canvas: Art Meets Technology

On the 11th of October LG Electronics presented Jardins d’Été, an 'algorithmically-generated artwork that deploys LG OLED digital canvases' at the Frieze Art Fair in London this year. Read more...

The artist Quayola, through digital art, has attempted to contribute to the conversation existing between technology and classical art. He creates a relationship between 'the real and artificial, figurative and abstract, old and new'.

Here at Inspired Dwellings we like to make the technological home aesthetically pleasing. If you have a listed building or a property in which you would like some beautiful smart home technology installed please do reach out to us at [email protected].

Wi-Fi 7 (2024)

It promises enhanced speed, 5 times faster than the previous 6E. There will be increased connectivity, and improved adaptability for low-latency performance. WiFi 7 facilitates high-quality video, cloud gaming, AR, VR, and addresses congestion, making it especially beneficial for large homes and crowded network environments

Crestron Home OS4

Software updates generally arrive in one of two ways: they’re either incremental — or they’re expansive. As you’ve likely surmised, the introduction of the Crestron Home® 4 OS is the latter. Simply put, this is big.

Our CEDIA award

We are incredibly proud of the whole team at Inspired Dwellings to have won the 2023 award for 'Best Integrated Home - Luxury'. A huge effort, and a fantastic result!

~A small reminder~

BT Switch-off:
Significant changes to the UK’s copper telephone infrastructure are coming and could have an impact on the technology you use in your home. We’re here to help.

Our Digital Showroom 

Check out these past projects of ours, how incredible do these home cinema set ups look?

From lighting, sound systems, Wi-Fi, home cinema to everything AV- get in touch with us to see how we can smarten up your home!