Our Services

We offer a range of options for your home.

We love technology. You could even say we are a little obsessed with it. 
Our determination to stay on top of our game when it comes to home automation, pushes us to search out and find solutions that bring joy, excitement and an inspiring sense of life to a space - this is what makes us tick.

High Speed Wi-Fi & Network


There’s no doubt about it: high speed Wi-Fi is a ‘can’t live without’ item. Whether for movie streaming, or home office, a great signal and fast connection are essential. 

The networking of the property provides the foundation for all that we offer, so this is always the first element to be discussed. We work with some of the country’s top brands to deliver it to you, and can remotely monitor and service your connection at all times.

Multi-Room Sound


Multi-room audio can bring your home to life, and create the soundtrack for your space.

Our expert team will assess and install world-class speakers that produce crystal clear audio, and are easy to use. With multiple audio sources, you can stream your tunes to different rooms throughout your home, or listen to different sounds in different spaces at the same time.

The equipment itself can be visually stunning and integrate with the aesthetics of your surroundings, or be totally invisible and seamlessly hide amongst your existing home furnishings.



Lighting is key to creating the right atmosphere and mood in your home.

We place the power of 'setting the scene' directly at your fingertips, with fully customisable lighting scene design technology. With an integrated system, you can control and balance both the artificial and natural light in your home with the use of automated blinds and beautifully designed control panels throughout your home - also increasing the energy efficiency of your property.

Home Cinema

Imagine experiencing the magic of cinema in your own home. Get lost in the story, be carried by the phenomenal audio and immerse yourself in ultra HD picture in the comfort of your own theatre style seating.

Inspired Dwellings will work with you to design the perfect cinema space, creating ultimate solutions with every aspect from the projector and screen, to the acoustic treatment of the room and seating, to incredible audio and totally integrated control at your fingertips.

Regardless of size or budget, our team of experts are committed to go on the journey with you and deliver great results.

Smart Home Automation

Adjust your lighting, music, screens, heating, CCTV, blinds, swimming pool, oven, water features and more at a moment's notice or even from a remote location - using your smart device. 

We can create a totally custom experience, tailored to your needs and lifestyle and walk with you, teaching you how to make the most out of your tech with our Personalised approach.

Home Security

Whether you’re home, on holiday or at work, knowing your property is safe and secure has become an essential part of home technology. 

With the use of a door entry system, video monitors and state-of-the-art CCTV cameras and recording equipment, we can secure your property from top to bottom with fully integrated security system.

Just like the rest of our services, we will design your system to tailor  for your specifics needs and concerns, and will be able to remotely monitor the health of your system to ensure it stays active and robust in defending your residence.

Heating Control


With smart heating control, you can determine the temperature in different parts of your home from the convenience of your smart device, and have an intuitive system that works around your individual needs.

Whether via radiators, air conditioning or underfloor heating, Inspired Dwellings has the climate control solution you are looking for.

Not only does this add a level of convenience, intuitiveness and all-year-round comfort to your home - it can also help with your impact on the environment and lower your energy costs.

Blinds & Shading

 Whether you're looking to soften the light in a room, create privacy or totally block out sunlight for a movie experience, the addition of automated blinds can take your home environment to another level.

Our smart shading solution can be integrated with your security plan to close up the house, or can even open and close with the sun to meet the lighting you require inside, depending on the time of year. As the blinds close, your lighting will turn on and vice versa.

We use exceptionally quiet motorised blinds that are available in a range of beautiful fabrics and finishes to seamlessly integrate with the interiors and aesthetics of your home.