Inspired Dwellings was asked to create the ultimate entertainment space that could be controlled via a single home control system

A modern property adjacent to the marina, the design brief was to install an effective home control system that relied on a high-quality network infrastructure, and that could operate the audio-visual aspects, lighting, door entry and CCTV system.

The client wanted the look of the property to be modern and sleek, but did not want the technology to be intrusive.  Inspired Dwellings sales team consequently took this into account when drawing up the estimates. 

Security was also a main concern for our client, so we needed to install a CCTV system that offered peace of mind.

We focused on what was central to the design brief; creating communal spaces that were perfect for entertaining.  However we also connected the lighting, audio-visual, door entry and CCTV systems to one control system.  Via the security feature on the Control4 app, the client can now remotely view their property whilst they are away.

The kitchen area, gym, Jacuzzi, and reception/media room, are complete with in-ceiling speakers so that the technology seamlessly blends in. Through the lighting system, the client can create different moods using preprogrammed lighting keypads. So, when the client is ready to start the film, they can press the ‘cinema’ mode so that all the spot lights turn off and the LED lights dim.

A Control4 touch panel or remote control can be used to reveal the JVC projector and projector screen with a simple touch of a button.  The hidden technology concept worked well to not hinder the interior design.