Putney New Build

"Inspired Dwellings helped us plan and implement an array of technically complicated systems ranging from entertainment, lighting, heating and security whilst ensuring that they work perfectly and unobtrusively at the touch of a button" 

- GM Developments

A big project on a short time scale, this development requires the latest facilities suitable for a large modern family expecting, and budgeting, for the highest standards.

Inspired Dwellings understand the pressures developers’ face, so we focus on providing the highest quality at the best value. And because we know any hold-ups in our delivery could also hold up yours, we follow a collaborative approach along with some clever streamlining tricks, to make sure we complete your project on time and to budget. We worked with one of London’s leading high-end developers to equip this 7000 ft. modern family home with the latest technology fit for a discerning customer.

We needed to provide everything our client’s buyer could want while delivering within a strict budget and tight timescales.

We designed and installed a complete system into this spacious new-build, including multi-room audio, HDTV and lighting control. We also fitted a fully-wired and wireless data and telephone network, as well as integrating the control of the heating and security systems.

To help our client meet their tight deadlines, we built and tested the whole system off-site. Ensuring a quick and easy transition, it was then ready to be installed on site with no delays.

Our managing director ran a demo evening to help estate agents sell the benefits of our system to potential customers.