Oxfordshire Country Retreat

This property was purchased by a property developer who intended for the property to be used as a family home or a weekend getaway. The property is set in a tranquil setting with country side to be seen for miles, making it the perfect place to relax and entertain friends and family. 

It was key that this property had the latest technology that was user friendly for the whole family. The main focus for this house was the having a multipurpose room that not only met their cinema needs but allowed them open the room up into the study area. The media room is where the developer imagined the family or friends would spend some good quality time together, as part of their furnishing of the home the room featured large comfy seats and the added feature of the built-in bar which meant that drinks were never too far away. The fit of the room also included a vintage gaming table to give the room a real wow factor. 

The property did not have too many challenges along the way the main challenge that we came across was making sure that there was plenty of ventilation in the media room to allow air to flow through the AV equipment. 

To overcome the the heat build-up in the media room the design was coordinated with the cabinetry manufacture to insure the heat build up was adequality dealt with. By building ventilation grills into the joinery this allowed air to flow through the AV equipment. We worked closely with them to ensure that these vents had little impact on the overall design aesthetic of the unit by hiding the ventilation in the kickstand of the unit. 

As with every project, there is a budget and this one was no different, the developer wanted the have the best equipment for their media room but with as little compromise as possible. To ensure they got that real cinema experience we used a JVC DLA-X5000R 4K Projector which offered any family that moves into the property a great viewing experience.