Our Process

Working with you, step by step.

Our team of experts are ready to listen and cater to your vision.

We specialise in high-end residential properties, but we also have commercial clients. We work on a range of project sizes all over the UK and abroad. Our dedicated project managers are experienced in liaising with home owners and developers.

Working with your architects’ plans, electricians’ drawings, project specifications, and with your interior designers’ mood boards, we'll translate your requirements into detailed CAD drawings and cable schedules.


What is the vision for the project? We start off by asking this and many other questions to gain an idea of what the client wants to achieve and how we can turn their vision into a reality. 

We always start with open ears, and an open mind. 

Realise Your Vision


Our  team works with architectural drawings to develop a detailed scope of the project, room by room & system by system. Once the scope is agreed upon, our expert design team will produce detailed drawings with technical specifications and installation options.


The project is then handed on to our project management team who will liase and work collaboratively with your on-site contractors to schedule the delivery of your home technology.