Alpine Chalet

“Just a quick note to thank you all for the enormous contribution you have made to the chalet. I am not the most techy person in the world but the system is both so user-friendly and so good that even I have bonded with it and am using all that it has to offer. It is an amazing place but the whole Inspired Dwellings set up has really been the icing on the cake. 

I have a group of mates out at the moment and we watched Olympus has fallen in the media room. Epic. Poker sessions with pounding music prevail too!"

- Phil Howard, Client

Small in size but tall in stature, this project should have been a relatively straightforward install. Our client’s wanting comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage, remote control of their hot water and heating, a 5.1 basement cinema and audio throughout the property. 

The challenge was in the wintery location and restrictive design. Perched 1,350 miles above sea level within the French Alps, this luxury ski chalet covers 3,300 sq. ft of living space over three levels.

A tribute to our delivery team, items were sourced and sent directly to site, where our second fix team were waiting on the mountain to collect and install. Liaising with local contractors and following a strict brief, our project manager ensured our technology integrated seamlessly into the traditional wooden chalet.

With climate control, hot water, music and video all available and fully controllable from iPhones, the family can prep their home whether at the top of the slopes or their Barnes family kitchen, 700 miles away. The phone systems is also in French/English compatible, with patch panels labelled in both languages for future maintenance.

Entertainment culminates in the snug home cinema sitting on the ground floor of the property, whilst elsewhere apple TV, Sonos and instant Cloud and social media access provide all the media one could need in a home away from home.